Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (dothebebop) wrote,
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The spooky monster ate Ein! DDDD:

Captain Fayefaye, Spike, Mr. Grumpygills? We have to help him, please! Please help Ed~DDD:

ooc; Ein has been blobbed! D: And Ed is literally on the verge of tears. SHE WORRIES FOR HER PUPPY. ;_;
Tags: ein, help somebody help!, ohnoes, sadface, wibble
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Who is Ein?
I am sure they are fine though; it seems to be just holding people.

(ooc, yay for meeting Ed!)
Ein is Ed's cow-woof-woof! DD:

But the spooooky space alien smells really really bad! Ed needs to give him a bath~D:

ooc; YAY. :D
oh your dog! I never had a dog before.

Yeah, it really dose smell bad. I hear that some vampires are going to take care of it though, I am sure they will get your puppy back to you.

My name is Kotobuki Ran by the way, but you can call me Ran!

(ooc; I have much luffs for Ed!)


10 years ago


10 years ago

This is why you need to keep that mongrel on a leash.
But Ein just chews on leashes, Fayefaaaaye~

Help rescue him? ;_;
Try one made of steel. I bet that'll do the trick.

And what do you expect me to do? Jump in there?
But that's so heavy! Ed won't be able to walk Ein with a steel leash!

Get something to grab him, Fayefaye~? DDDD:


10 years ago

It's okay, that thing's been keeping everyone safe and alive in there, so Ein should be just fine!

...Are you Edward?
But Ein needs to go on a walk! He can't walk in a blob~D:

Edward is Edward, yes~
Don't worry, everyone's working on a way to get everyone out and I'm sure we'll think of something soon!

It's very nice to meet you, Edward! My name's Vash. Faye's told me about you!
Okay-kay! As long as the blob doesn't eat everything and everyone, then Ed guesses the City will be a-okay!

Hi hi, Vash~nice to meet you~:D


10 years ago

Mr. Grumpygills?
Yuh-huh! Mr. Grumpygills is this really mean man who doesn't like following rules but wants to lead everyone around instead. He has a name but Ed can't remember it. D:

But he's pretty smart, so Ed figured he could help~! :D


((OOC: I have decided that it is much easier to give people presents on my birthday than on theirs. XD))


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10 years ago

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