Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (dothebebop) wrote,
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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Funny funny today~:D

Everything looks tiny-tiny, like a microscope magnified~hello, little world~

World of lau~ghter, world of tears~world of hopes and world of fears~
So muuuch~that we share that's it's tiiiime~we're aware
It's a smaaaall world after alll~

ooc; So it might not be a "real" sickness, but Ed's got microspia, better known as Alice in Wonderland syndrome, since she'd have such fun with it. xD
Tags: all your base are belong to ed, funtime, let's have some fun, sickness, whee, where's ein got to?
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What's the matter with you now?
World got super-duper small, Fayefaye~or maybe Ed's really really big~?

Smoosh smoosh, sorry ants~Ed doesn't mean to step you up~:O
Or maybe it's finally all in your head?
Fayefaye doesn't see either~?

Maybe Fayefaye's too small to see Ed! Ed's waving, look-see~:O
I don't have the energy for this, Ed.