Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (dothebebop) wrote,
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Ju~li~a's here.

Really pretty. But Ed doesn't know.

Fayefaye isn't happy.

Ed still misses la familia.

Jet-person...where are you?

Back, Jet, come back, back to Bebop?

Pretty please? Bonsai cherry on top? :(
Tags: bebop, jet, julia, sad, woe
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It's probably better that he's not here and--

But it's not the same! Not Bebop if Jet's not here!

See what~? Fayefaye's acting silly.
You think he'd be happy being stuck in a place like this? You know Jet. He's no happy unless he has people to boss around.

I'm fine.
But...Ed really misses him, Fayefaye. Stuck isn't stuck unless you're bored-sore, yes?
Nuh-uh. Fayefaye isn't happy. D:
And he'd be bored here.

How can anyone be happy in a place like this?!
Ed didn't know. Ed's sorry.

You were happy earlier~! Ed see-peeks, Ed knows. :O
Oh, stop it.

You're confusing that with annoyed.
But Fayefaye wants Jet back too, right~?

Happy means not getting angry at people and smiling at Mr. Cowboy and Mr. John and people Fayefaye likes.

Fayefaye was happy before Ju~li~a came.
I wouldn't complain if he were here. Then we might actually eat.

That's just the way it goes.

Drop it, Ed.
Bell peppers and beef, mmmm! Edward is hungry. D:

But why, Fayefaye? Talking is better! Keep it all inside and poof, up goes Fayefaye in mushroom samba smoke~

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11 years ago

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11 years ago

She is beautiful.
Spike-person knows~! :D

Ju~li~a seems very very sad, though. :O
It's not the kinda thing you'd understand, Ed. People aren't like dealin' with computers.
Maybe maybe, Spike. But Ed can seek-peek inside people too~if they let her~