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Beeeebop~! :O

Scary Siran lady's animals slice-diced that girl, for her world~

For Bebop, we need to do something~pretty pretty please, cherry on top~cross heart, hope die? :O

Pleeease. D:

ooc; She's CONCERNED. I know this is like a total rehash of Faye's first post [THE MUN IS RIGHT NEXT TO ME SQUEEEE], but seriously yo. D:
Tags: end of world?, ohnoes, que es eso?, sacrifice, siran, too l33t for you, where's ein?, wtf
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I'm not about to wear a ribbon, you know.
Gold-sold~! Give the gods gold, mercy follows~

Ed doesn't want no more home~

Ed and Bebop, need home.

For when we find it, again.
Yeah, at a price. No one's doing anything stupid, not that anyone we know is capable of not doing anything stupid...

What, have you been looking?

((ooc: hi, i see you.))
But the gold-sold. No blood, cleans up nice, still home to go back to~

Still Jet, Fayefaye. Still Bebop, Bebop's always fly-sighing~

Trying~dive into the net, sploosh-splish, nothing's floating up to Ed. D:

I don't buy that. No way are they just gonna make exceptions, if this is even real.

He wouldn't like it here. There's no one to boss around.

What've you found?

((ooc: OOH LA LA. treatin me good.))
Wouldn't tell-sell us unless they take it~no harm in try-sighing, promise promise!

Not home without him. All of us, ohana, Fayefaye. No familia without Jet.

Listings~still flying! Ganymede, permanent stop, says the computer~permanent meaning {four weeks or more}, but Jet's gonna sail again someday! Been on the drift, needs to float some more~

ooc; BUT OF COURSE. I gotta 'cause you're MINE for the next few days, rawr.
Or they could be pulling our leg like usual, either or.

Just be happy he's not stuck here to alright? I know I am.

Figured. But I meant more about this deity problem.
Stop it, Ed. Don't fall for it.
Spike-person wants home to go bye-bye?

Foreverrrr~? D:
I don't think it will happen, Ed.
In case~? DDD:
I'm not killing someone just for something that MIGHT happen.
Heh. People talking about dying... they really don't know anything, do they.