Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (dothebebop) wrote,
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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Eeeeeggs~! Everywhere in the City today, mmhmm!

Ed sees them, hidden-hidden, trying to hide from Ed!

NOT TODAY, EGGS! Ed is coming for youuuuuuuu~got the cool, yes-yes, got the cool shoeshine, off we go~







ooc; And off our darling goes on her motor scooter, Ein in her backpack. IT WILL BE A GOOD HAUL. XD
Tags: curse day, eggs, exciting, holiday, woohoo, yay
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Bring them back to the apartment.
Right-o, Cap'n Faye~hyaaa~
Lots of 'em, mister~hide-sighing all over, do you see them? Smack smack, tastes real good, promise!

See any you don't like, don't want, seek-peek for Ed~

...I have found a few.

Ed? Short for...Edward?
Ed can take them off your hands if you like, sir~but of course! If you want to keep-eat them, Ed can do that too~:D

Mmhmmmmm. Ed is short for Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV! Nice to meet you~
I haven't yet...decided what I'll do with them.

You are Faye's different little friend, aren't you...?
Take your time-time~but afore the clock strikes tweeeeeelve~they may disappear, poof, mushroom samba smoke, all gone. :O

Yes! Fayefaye Valentine~Beeeebop girl. Friend of Edward's! What have you heard about Ed~? :D
I'll decide before midnight. ...Do you want them?

That you are unintelligible, more than anything else.
To give to Fayefaye, of course! She wants them, so Ed must give, sign, seal, deliver~! :D

ooc; OMG I LOSE. D:
Heeeeeee. Fayefaye's friend is funny! What's your name, Fayefaye's friend~? :D
...Perhaps you will get them, then.

I am Jareth, the Goblin King.
His Majesty King Jareth! A pleasure~

All of us hail to the gob-lin song~:D
'The goblin song'? A...curious thing to say.

I am in need of your expertise with computers. Your friend, Faye, has assured me that you are...capable.
All kings have a song the trumpets play~fan-fare, Your Majesty~yours would be a goblin song~! :D

Of course, of course! Ed's the best of the best~a net diver from Earth~would you like a sample~? :D

You are right.

I think a sample would be acceptable proof of your skills.